How NRI’s Can Link Their Aadhar Card With Pan card?

From 2017, It’s Mandatory to Link Your Aadhar card With Pan card Even Linking With Mobile number is also necessary now. For Filling of income tax returns, You should have to Link Your Aadhar With Pan Card Even With Your Bank account in order to Fill Your Income Tax Return. But What? if You’re NRI (Non-Reliable Indian) and recently shifted to Abroad. Well, If You’re one of them who already having Aadhar card of India Then You must link it with your Pan card to Stay updated and If You don’t have Aadhar card before Leaving The Country then you don’t need to link anything.

As I already mentioned, If You’re one of them who don’t have Aadhar card then This post is not for you. Because You really don’t need to do anything. Moreover, You don’t have to think about it.

Link Aadhar card to pan card for NRI's Foriegners

NRI’s who don’t need to have Aadhar card and its linking:

The Aadhar card has been Clearly Exempted to an NRI (Non-Reliable Indian) who are not an Indian for more than 6 Months. So, if You’re one of them then don’t worry you don’t have to Link anything with anything. Stay calm! In case the NRI holds the Aadhar card number they can always link it to PAN card to keep the information up to date.

NRI’s who do need to have Aadhaar card and its linking:

As per the 139AA Income tax act of India, Aadhar card is mandatory for the NRI’s who have stayed more than 182 days or 6 months at a stretch or cumulative over the last 12 months. These NRI’s need to link the PAN and the Aadhaar card to file the income tax return. So before you consider yourself in the category of <182 days stay in India make sure – if you are filing tax on or after 01/07/2017 and have stayed in India for more than 182 days on the date you file the income tax return then you need to have an Adhaar card and linked to PAN.

What applies to the expats in India?

Expats ! the same Rule will be applied on Expats too They too have to own Aadhar card and File income Tax Returns (ITR) if they have stayed for more than 182 Consecutive days or 6 Months.

In case, You want to Put any Enquiry You can always call on a Toll-free Aadhar card Enquiry Number.

How To Link Pan card With Aadhar Card For NRI?

Same Procedure which we have also mentioned in our previous post but let me explain it here. Just keep your Aadhar card Details Ready with you for Linking Aadhar With pan NRI. In case, If You don’t have a Hard copy of Your Eaadhar you can download it anytime.

Link Aadhar card to pan card for NRI's Foriegners

  • Enter the Correct details like Pan card Number and Aadhar card number and after the verification, from UIDAI Your Linking Pan with Aadhar Process will be done.

Link Aadhar card to pan card for NRI's Foriegners


Hope You’re okay now? Well, this post is only for those who are NRI (Non-Reliable Indians) if You’re one of them who stayed for Longer than 6 Months in India then Filling ITR is Important for you. That you have to Link your Aadhar card With Pan Card. if Any Queries do let us know in the comments sections.

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