How To Download And Print Aadhar Card Online?

UIDAI? What is Aadhar Card? Well, All of these Questions Has been Answered on our Homepage. Let me Explain a Bit again, Aadhar card is a 12 Digit Identification Number. Which is used to Store your Demographic and Biometrics Details and Proves That you’re a citizen of India. So, It’s Important for every family to Have Aadhar Card, Because, Without Aadhar card, You’ll not get any electricity, Water or Gas connection Even New Mobile Number According to new Government Rules. If You already have one or applied You can Download Aadhar and Print it Like a Document.

Moreover, If You’re already having Aadhar card as Document then make sure It’s Linked with Your Mobile Number. However, In this post, we are going to show you how can you download and print Aadhar Card Online.

How To Download And Print Aadhar Card Online?

There are 2 Methods to Download and Take Print out of your Aadhar card. First is through Enrollment Number Second is With your Aadhar number. Both methods are Easy, If You’re Downloading Through Enrollment Number then make sure you’ve already checked the status of your Aadhar card.

How To Download Aadhar Card With Enrollment Number?

  • First, Visit the official UIDAI Website From here.

How To Download And Print Aadhar Card Online?

  • Check out under “Aadhar Online Services” Heading and “Aadhar Enrollment” Subheading.

How To Download And Print Aadhar Card Online?

  • Click on “Download Aadhar”.

How To Download And Print Aadhar Card Online?

  • The next Screen, They will ask you Your details Which is pasted on your Enrollment Slip Just Fill as it is.
  • Fill up the Captcha code.
  • Enter Your Mobile number for Phone verification.
  • Enter OTP and then Click Download.
  • That’s It. If The Aadhar card is Available Then It will be downloaded to your PC, Else You’ll get the message of Come back Later.
  • In that case, you can do a Phone Enquiry About Aadhar card.
  • If Your Aadhar card is Downloaded Then It must be in.PDF Formal. It will ask you for a Password To Open Aadhar Card.
  • The Password Will be of 8 Digit Which Consists First 4 Digit of Your Name and Another 4 Digits of Birth year. Ex: SAYE1990

Let’s Move to Printing Aadhar card. You have got a copy of your Aadhar card online now. Then How to print Aadhar card?

Let’s Have a Look!

How To Print Aadhar Card?

  • Open The PDF File Location.
  • Open with any PDF Software. (Such as Adobe)
  • On Your Keyboard. Press CTRL+P.
  • Choose Your Printer and Press enter.
  • That’s it,


So, this is our Post Regarding Aadhar card Download and Print online if any issues in doing that you can leave a comment. Thank you!

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